Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Poetry Thursday 97 - Love and St. Valentine

There is a myriad of material about St Valentine's Day and I have written about the origin of the day myself so I will avoid that but I do have to comment and the theme is LOVE.

Valentine’s Day

It shouldn't be about how much you pay
for the cellophane wrapped, flower bouquet.
It shouldn't be about the cards you send
for the postman to deliver to your friend.
It shouldn't be the size or quality of gift
that you've bought perchance to heal a rift.

Valentine’s Day is a chance to express
the love you feel within your chest.
An opportunity to please the one
your whole being is dependent upon.
Take the chance to show your emotion
to the significant subject of your devotion.
©David L Atkinson February 2013

This is for the Valentine junkies. The whole slushy, pink, sickly hype does my head in! Surely one can express love for a person without transforming from a thinking human being to a quivering, simpering confection!
In the realms of love I am an abject failure and there are probably a wide range of reasons for that. My failures are my problem but have left me feeling that the trite statement that 'there is someone out there for you' is also rubbish. Not only that but I can't think that I have the energy to maintain a relationship any more.
So here is what I think the perfect woman would need to be for a younger me.

She’d Be

She’d have to be warm, kind and caring,
generous in her loving.
She’d have to be pretty, full of patience
and blessed with a gentle intelligence.
She’d have to be perceptive and able to understand
the faults and tastes she holds in her hands.
She’d have to be confident in allowing a place
in times when her man requires his space.
She’d need to be secure and strong
even when he’s in the wrong.
She’d hold his fragile heart, gently cradled
while he struts as he is fabled.

For all of this generosity a girl receives
unconditional love the way he believes.
©David L Atkinson February 2014

Really I subscribe to the Yoda view below.

Like a ghost, true love is... Talk about it, everybody does. But to actually see it, few people have.

God Bless