Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Poetry Thursday 98 - Relationships

This week I have become even more fully immersed in my daughter's upcoming marriage. This has produced a couple of sources of inspiration one which is to be expected I think and the second the opposite although Valentine's Day is partly responsible.

Wedding spoons!


It would be easier to stay as we are
not upsetting the applecart of life
to refrain from future gazing too far
and avoid the risk of trouble and strife.
But there is a promise of permanence,
a security blanket of deep trust.
We go forward with hope and confidence
relying on each other as we must.
As we travel along this unique path
we must enjoy all opportunities,
avoiding stresses that may induce wrath
embracing resulting prosperities.

An institution in which to savour
lives joined, manufacturing new flavour.
©David L Atkinson February 2014

The Bad Penny

Like a dull copper coin
the figure head feint but there
for no explicable reason
once more lodged in life’s pocket

The colour of spring’s shadow
dull but outstanding
among silver and gold
as a bolt of darkness

Why has it come again now?
Because of others' happiness?
The glare of mutual shiny change
conjures up opposing blackness

It will be spent eventually
handed over a bar or counter
but as on previous spends
the promise of inevitable return.
©David L Atkinson February 2014

God Bless