Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Poetry Thursday 99 - World War 1 a view

I have already seen quite a lot of footage about World War 1 and it is only February! One of the programmes I watched concentrated on the human side.

Do you know who you are?

Battles you fight for those who don’t care.
Bribes you take to ease your lot.
Cousins arguing brought countries to war.
Ordinary people are the ones on the spot.

Affluent leaders playing their games.
Families in poverty needing support.
An endless roster of unknown names.
Fun and games for papers to report.

People at home are filled with pride.
The soldiers are ploughing mud filled trenches.
Truth in print? Or the establishment lied!
War breaks families in violent wrenches!

Do you really know who you are?
They don’t give a damn!
You are only allowed to go so far.
Ruling classes are controlling destiny of man.
©David L Atkinson February 2014

I keep insisting that I am not left wing and it is true in the strictly political sense but I do feel that we live in a two tier society. A them and us situation. Hence the rather angry poem above. And now an offering from the famous war poet Wilfred Owen, which is so powerful it must be admired.


War broke: and now the Winter of the world
With perishing great darkness closes in.
The foul tornado, centred at Berlin,
Is over all the width of Europe whirled,
Rending the sails of progress. Rent or furled
Are all Art's ensigns. Verse wails. Now begin
Famines of thought and feeling. Love's wine's thin.
The grain of human Autumn rots, down-hurled.

For after Spring had bloomed in early Greece,
And Summer blazed her glory out with Rome,
An Autumn softly fell, a harvest home,
A slow grand age, and rich with all increase.
But now, for us, wild Winter, and the need
Of sowings for new Spring, and blood for seed.