Monday, 24 February 2014

Tuesday Recipe - Somerset pork roast

This is a made up recipe resulting from years of experience. It began as Normandy Pork cooked in the style of a casserole with French wine, shallots and carrots. Simply exchange the wine for cider and you can call it Somerset Pork! If you consider the basics then change the meat from medallions to a leg of pork and you end up with a sort of Somerset Pot Roast.

Pot Roast Somerset Pork

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I had a bit of a use up, serving the pork with mashed potato, a small Yorkshire pudding and the usual pork dressings of sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce. The end result I found very tasty. In reality the basic premise of cooking a piece of meat this way lends itself to a variety of options. The cider and the apple sauce give this dish a sweet and sour tang. Whatever you choose to do with this meal I think you will enjoy it.

Moving on a little - its interesting labelling a meal after an area because it has a product that is part of the recipe. I suppose it is a little like a book title, 'Canterbury Tales', 'Brighton Rock', 'Moon over Soho' and so on. It would be interesting to construct a title from the nature of part of the story you have written. There is a difficulty if you create something that involves a lot of travelling to tie it to one place but it then could be applied to the origin of the hero or heroine. Steele could be 'The Mirfield Mackem' which is a complex combination of my origins and where I live now, that is not to say that I am Steele - honest!
I have been considering the titles of my books to date and thinking about the covers as well in relation to sales. Two books have struggled more than the others. One is 'A Changed Reality' which has a rather sombre cover but which, when I chose it, felt right. The second is 'Inceptus' which is predominantly blue and I was told that was a good colour!

They are both doing a little better now but because of a poor start they are lagging behind the rest. I think that as an initial first impression cover and title are important but from then onwards it is what is inside the covers that is the most important.

God Bless