Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Writing - How events influence direction.

I have almost completed another chapter of Most Wanted Artefact this morning. There is a significant event towards the end of the chapter - a car chase and crash - which I hadn't planned. That event came from earlier action in the chapter and when I started I didn't know it was going to happen.

This is an alternate way of relating the fact that once the characters are off and running it isn't unusual for them to take you, the writer, and run with you! Those of us who need to plan to the nth degree may well worry when this occurs, but if you let go of the plan and just write it is amazing the sense of enjoyment it generates. In this case it is almost like watching a film you haven't seen previously and has you on the edge of your seat in anticipation of what is going to happen next.

Now I must say that I do plan. It would be difficult to complete a novel on impulse alone but I tend to plan in blocks. I do have an idea of where the story I'm writing is going, I know where the story is going to take place, but the details happen as the events take place.

The Event

This is an extract of the event and an outcome. 

...he took the first bend a little too quickly and the car started to fishtail around. He had no chance of making the second turn! His car, a Volvo, carried straight on into the trees at the bottom of the road and came to rest against an old oak with a crunch. Travelling as slow as thirty miles an hour and going to zero in no yards is a violent event - he was going faster. The Volvo is a sturdy vehicle but even so the bonnet was crumpled, steam was being emitted and the air bags had deployed. Patrick pulled up behind the damaged vehicle and he and Naomi exited and ran to the battered Volvo. There was no movement from inside but Patrick held his Glock ready while Naomi opened the driver’s door. The man inside was moaning, bleeding but alive. He was in no fit state to resist as Naomi checked him for weapons.......

Now if you are writing such an event, like all actions, there are various alternative reactions that can take place as a result. As Patrick A Steele believes in dispensing justice then he could kill this man and finish the job that had begun with the crash. You could arrange for an ambulance, or torture the truth from him, or he could die before the vital information you were chasing is revealed. There are all sorts of possibilities but there is an excitement in making the next choice. It is at this point that you need to have your overall direction in mind. The beauty of it is there are no wrong answers. There maybe some alternatives that are more marketable but the power of the story comes from within you and marketing is changeable and subject to fashion. I've come to the conclusion that my fame will end up being posthumous!

The point is I believe you will enjoy the process of writing, and therefore become better at it, if you write from what is within you and it will lead to success in your own eyes.

God Bless