Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Poetry Thursday 101 - Remember

National Poetry Day in October this year is to be on the theme of 'Remembering' It is my intention to use that to inspire some poetry. Today I offer an acrostic and a poem of the more conventional variety.

Remember 1914

Recall the conflict of one hundred years ago
Eschew talk of who was at fault
Mind the feelings of the officers
Exercise the position of the people
Make sure to laud relatives passing
Bring consciousness awake to war’s futility
Endeavour to always favour peace
Recoil not from remembering
©David L Atkinson March 2014


Remember when you were young?
The street games played with neighbours.
Fun unbounded and without care.
Imagination the only limit to your labours.

Remember when you were older?
Girls replaced the neighbourhood kids games.
A new softness entered life’s pattern,
confusingly unlike football’s aims.

Remember when it was all over?
No one’s fault, just time and maturity.
The pain was deep searing and tangible.
Memory gilded that passage fondly. 

Remember when you regarded young ones?
When you looked on at their joy and pain
and felt those familiarly recalled emotions
as if they were fresh and new again.

Remember when you are much older.
When bits hurt for no apparent reason.
The horizon of life is fast approaching.
It’s unknown which is your final season.
©David L Atkinson March 2014

God Bless