Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Poetry Thursday 103 - Great Escape

The Great Escape

The prisoners needed a purpose for life, 
a reason to carry on the endless strife.
Escape was the game that engendered hope
a narrow, dark passage snakes as rope.

Three dark arteries constructed beneath the earth 
Tom, Dick and Harry had they come from birth.
Endeavour without tools self-created torture
but fierce determination to ensure a future.

A dark night with snow covered ground above 
seventy men crawl through a tunnel made from love.
Trees in view the rope is too short!
Months of hard work counts for nought.

But wait – the night is yet dark,
there was a chance to escape their evil park
Stalag Luft III no longer holds men
Winter’s dark cloak now enfolds them.

The end was not too far away
some unfortunates caught the very next day.
Most of the number captured by a hated foe
and executed in a foreign field by the Gestapo

Some re-incarcerated to serve more time
and perhaps escape further down the line.
Their duty as officers and gentlemen
to cause the enemy maximum mayhem.

But for three the story ends differently
their travels were long but with difficulty
they returned in time to fair England
to fly once again as they had planned.

©David L Atkinson March 2014