Monday, 17 March 2014

Tuesday Recipe - Mince and dumplings

The recipe that I used this weekend came from those illustrious TV chefs The Hairy Bikers. At one time I'm sure this would have been considered poor man's fare, to some I suppose it still is, but for those not confident in cookery would find this a real doddle and very tasty.

Mince and dumplings served with crushed new potatoes

There is a great deal of food snobbery about and I'm sure that is because of media attention but it does give everyone the opportunity to try a wide range of different meals. With the above recipe I've tried to recapture my working class roots by using a 'leg of mince'. As a boy mince was a last resort if money was tight and fitted in with sugar on bread and banana sandwiches. The reasons behind the frugality of such meals were usually financial but it must be remembered that there wasn't the range of foods that are available these days. 

I think the first frozen food I ever saw were Bird's Eye Fish Fingers and that would be in the late 1950s when Mum and Dad bought our first refrigerator. It also must be noted that fruit and vegetables were nearly always fresh and also seasonal. Nothing like a bit of nostalgia!!!!

The mince meal above is served with one of my favourite accompaniments and that is crushed new potatoes with fresh basil, sea salt and ground black pepper, along with the obligatory knob of butter. I'm back to using proper butter these days because there has been so much dubious information in the media about how bad for us some of the chemicals that are added to low fat spreads are. Mother lived till she was 90 and ate real butter everyday and never cut the fat off meat. Have you noticed how tasteless red meat has become of late. I believe that part of the reason is the very thin layers of fat and little marbling in the cuts. It is quite often the fat that enhances the flavours of the foods.

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