Monday, 10 March 2014

Tuesday Recipe - Okonomi-Yaki (japanese pancakes)

I know! I know! - I included this recipe last week. BUT I hadn't tried until this weekend. 


The name roughly translates as 'Everything under the grill' which in fact is a good old fashioned way of collecting the leftovers and dishing it up in a sort of pizza-cum-pancake fashion.  The recipe is on the blog I posted last Tuesday.

Now that I have tried it there are one or two points that are worth raising. As the vegetables are raw they need to be cut very small. Once the mixture is prepared then the recommendation is to cook slowly on a low heat which is fair enough but if you are wanting to ensure that the base is as thick the pan needs to be initially hot. This gives the opportunity to build the thickness with a spatula.
The other decision point is when to turn the pancake. It is important to place the bacon on the pancake as soon as you can so that when you flip it everything doesn't fall apart. I'll come back to that! Once you have flipped the pancake you have to leave it long enough for the bacon to crisp up, which it does. I felt that it would stay soggy because of a lack of air!
The picture above shows the dish served with crushed new potatoes with basil and sea salt.

They say you learn something new everyday and I learnt something about cooking that would have saved a degree of angst over the years. It seems that some TV chef has come up with a term for when the food you cook doesn't look as it should or breaks up when being served. I would have apologised for the mess but they say that it is 'de-constructed'. It was actually in reference to a Beef Wellington a friend was cooking and she was a little concerned that it all may fall apart. I wish I'd had as many £5 notes as meals I'd managed to de-construct over the years!

De-constructed apple pie

God Bless