Monday, 31 March 2014

Tuesday Recipe - Penne Carbonara and Fusilli salad

A couple of offerings this week but once again on the Italian theme. I enjoy carbonara sauce and have had it with spaghetti but I found a recipe by James Martin using penne pasta.

This very simple looking dish is so easy and very tasty but has a spin off for breakfast. The recipe requires three egg yolks and as always there is a question about what you do with the left over whites. I made a breakfast omelette and added a little pancetta to bring the taste up a little. With the best will in the world, on their own, egg whites are pretty bland.

The full recipe is on the TAB

Fusilli salad

As the weather is warming up I was feeling the need for a salad and what better than Italian pasta salad. This is so easy. The only cooking is the pasta which needs cooking according to packet instructions if you are without a pasta maker. Then there is a blend of extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a little sugar to make a simple dressing. Finally, a sharp knife to cut up vine ripened cherry tomatoes, black olives, then crumbled feta cheese and toasted pine nuts. This is served with rocket and is very tasty. Don't forget the pine nuts, they are essential.

God Bless