Sunday, 2 March 2014

Writing - 10 things we didn't know last week

More fascinating fun and facts!

1. Monkeys open bananas at the other end from humans.


2. Fish that are fed Skips crisps can turn pink.


3. The Dominican Republic has the world's deadliest roads.


4. The average length of a Best Picture Academy Award winning film is two hours and 20 minutes.


5. The smell given off by pine forests limits atmospheric warming.


6. Men who struggle to grow facial hair can get a beard transplant.


7. There is a symphonic Finnish prog-rock concept album about Scrooge McDuck.


8. Blind people's dreams are richer in sounds, touches, tastes and smells.


9. Robert Wilson, who together with Arno Penzias discovered the afterglow of the big bang, keeps a sound recording of the radio waves that were released after that huge explosion on his mobile phone.


10. It took four hours to - clump by clump - create Christian Bale's artificial chest hair in American Hustle.

God Bless