Friday, 14 March 2014

Writing - Anthony Wedgwood-Benn RIP + Flight MH370

Anthony Wedgwood Benn (1925 - 2014)

His proper title was Viscount Stansgate but it was indicative of the type of socialist he was that in the early sixties he renounced his title and brought about the creation of the Peerage Act of 1963. One of his sayings on the subject of hereditary honours was to liken the process to sitting in the dentists chair and the dentist sharing the fact that his father had been a dentist so he thought that he would give it a go!
I remember much of the furore he caused over a variety of matters that arose during his time in government. At the time I felt that he was too left wing and in fact that was what frightened the establishment which perhaps explains why he never made leader of the labour party. Looking back and comparing what he used to say about looking after ordinary people, he would be the ideal leader of the party today.
On Margaret Thatcher he was interviewed and said that 'she is a brutal woman supporting the policies of barbarism which are unacceptable'.
When he left parliament, he did not stand for re-election in 2001 he famously said that he was "leaving parliament in order to spend more time on politics"!

Benn the Writer
Benn was a prolific diarist: eight volumes of his diaries have been published. The final volume was published in 2013.
He made public several episodes of audio diaries he made during his time in Parliament and after retirement, entitled 'The Benn Tapes', broadcast originally on BBC Radio 4. 

We can all be diarists and in fact that was what I was advised to be when I started writing a number of years ago. The idea of writing a daily diary is good writing exercise, rather like blogging.

Flight MH370

I feel a book coming on! Perhaps not. The whole situation surrounding the disappearance of this aircraft becomes more complex by the day. We've had supposed debris discounted, questions about the several communication features all failing at the same time and today the plane supposedly changing course and heading for the Andaman Islands. This is a veering off to the north west when the plane should have been going north east towards China.
Then there was the question of two Iranian men travelling on stolen passports. It would seem that they were possibly seeking asylum somewhere! Then a large group of passengers were Chinese artists and of course the Arts in that country have been pilloried by the government at various times.
Saturday - The authorities have decided that the plane has been sort of hi-jacked!!!!!

So overall there are a number of facets of this true story that seem to rather lend themselves to the creative. You can see the film coming out as well! The only question there being how does Morgan Freeman fit into the cast!

On VG and running today.

God Bless