Thursday, 20 March 2014

Writing - International Day of Happiness

Imagine the scenario in Number 11 Downing Street as George Osborne was preparing yesterday's budget.
George: "Does anyone know what the serfs like to do in their spare time?"
Minion: "They drink beer sir!"
George: "Great I'll knock a 1p off a glass."
Minion: "Pint sir."
George: "Pint? Like a bottle of milk?"
Minion: "Yes sir that's the quantity. It's a big glass."
George: "Is there anything else they do?"
Minion: "Gamble sir"
George: "Can't do anything with the horses one's friends would be affected. Casinos?"
Minion: "They can't afford to go to casinos sir."
George: "What's that game where they all gather together in a large room?"
Minion: "Sounds like a discotheque sir."
George: "No no man! They have pieces of paper and there are coloured balls."
Minion: "Ah I think you mean bingo sir."
George: "Bingo - yes. Oh I see they pay a lot of tax on that."
Minion: "Yes sir but my wife says there are a number of such halls have closed down.
George: "Great - a double whammy my man. I'll halve the tax and claim that I'm saving jobs as well!"
Minion: "Yes Chancellor!"

Chancellor George Osborne

Does George look as if someone has given him  a pint of sewer water? 
Is he thinking "I'd die for a G & T?"

International Day of Happiness

This was established by the United Nations in 2012 and will be celebrated on March 20th every year.

Apparently we can decide to be happy! So a psychologist told us on TV this morning. One of her pieces of advice was to turn off your electronic device and actually join with someone over a meal or a drink without the side tracking electronic devices introduce into our lives. 
There have been several survey results on this subject and overall they seem to be saying that people would rather live in a happy society rather than a wealthy one. Some of us have little choice!

If you are having trouble in the smiling stakes have a look at the following. It only lasts a minute but it made me smile. You don't need to speak Russian to appreciate it!

You may have to copy and paste to your browser.

God Bless