Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Writing - Readers and Read-nots! (Booktrust)

The article I read today about the UK adults reading habits makes me wonder whether we should be write or write-nots!

England is suffering from a "worrying cultural divide" with poor adults much less likely to read books than their richer neighbours, a report says.
The country is divided into two nations, those who read weekly or daily, and those who prefer TV and DVDs, it says.
It finds key links between an individual's social background and how likely they are to read.
The research, from charity Booktrust, is based on a survey of 1,500 adults.
The study found that on average, the richer someone's background, the more likely they are to read.
Meanwhile a higher proportion of people from poorer backgrounds admitted they never read.
Younger people, men and those with lower levels of qualifications are also less likely to be readers.

The above is the worryingly negative findings of the survey but below are the positive benefits of reading books.

The study concludes that, on average, people who read regularly are more satisfied with life, happier and more likely to feel their life is worthwhile.
Around three-quarters (76%) of all adults questioned said reading improves their lives, while almost half (49%) enjoy reading books very much.
More than one-quarter (28%) read every day, with a further 22% reading weekly.
More than half own at least 50 books, with an adult owning around 200 on average, the report added.
Viv Bird, chief executive of Booktrust, said: "This research indicates that frequent readers are more likely to be satisfied with life, happier and more successful in their professional lives.

"But there is a worrying cultural divide linked to deprivation. There will never be a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to social mobility, but reading plays an important role - more action is needed to support families."


This website is huge and I don't quite understand why I've never come across it until today. It makes the grand claim that it:-

changes lives through reading. By creating a society motivated to read our programmes will increase life chances and improve social mobility. 

What it also does is provide endless tips for writers, lists of magazines that accept submissions, and competitions for all types of writers. Well worth having a dip into.

On VG and running today.

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