Thursday, 6 March 2014

Writing - World Book Day

Being involved in writing it would be extremely short sighted to ignore World Book Day 2014. I have featured the Roald Dahl book above as an example of books being part of a story to enable the heroine, Matilda, overcome her stupid family. Dahl is brilliant in the way he fired literary bullets at conventional life and for once the film took that on board and broadcast the message very well.

In 2013 non-fiction books were doing better than fiction. Sir Ale Ferguson's biography far outstripped Dan Brown's 'Inferno'.
On top of the above rather depressing indication is that people actually lie about the books they are reading. They often state that they've bought books but on further questioning reveal that they have never read the books!

 The beauty of books is that they are like a good friend, they know when to be quiet when you need to think. There are various quotes about the value of books. Young Scrooge, when challenged on having no friends by the ghost of Christmas Past, states, 'No friends! and then lists characters from books that he has read. The conclusion is that novels can take you into a different world and open your eyes to the way others' minds work. They can show you ways of approaching situations that worry you and they are principally a form of communication in a modern world that demands we all communicate.

Although the skills of writing with a pen on paper seem to be in decline we are still required to write, on screens of varying sizes. Reading is a key into the process of writing.

I sometimes feel sad that young people lose out on the magic of other people's imaginations. Reading is a great form of entertainment and relatively cheap in comparison with the initial outlay of hand held technologies. As an opportunity to delve further into the day the Reading Agency have produced an activity pack intended to encourage reading.

Ingredients for Life

Ingredients for Life

Place one standard measure of creativity
in a bowl.
Add one part of man imbuing strength,
beat with femininity for sensitivity and understanding.
Add a glass of patience and mix well.
Stir in a jar of elasticity and fortify
with true grit for flexibility and strength.
Fold in endless quantities of learning and
apply in layers throughout the mixture.
Crumble in a cube of unselfishness and stir well.
Add a dash of reckless courage (don’t over season).
Fortify the mixture with significant
amounts of dependability.
Decorate the finished article with bright bubbling
friendship enhanced with an overall dusting
of love.
Season every month with a few drops
of experience.
When ready share liberally.
©David L Atkinson March 2014

God Bless