Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Poetry Thursday 107 - The purpose of poetry

Poetry has a purpose. 
It came to me in the middle of the night but what to do with that information? People have written poetry since time began or at least that is what I believe. Some has been set to music and that also still goes on but to me the basic idea is that it is part of human nature to express oneself poetically. It may be that many styles of poetry provide a soothing rhythm which calm and reassure the writer and subsequently the reader.
I then wonder why readers shy away from reading poetry or writing in that genre. It seems to be looked upon in the way men have shown reluctance to express emotion, but it isn't just men.
Please read on.

The Purpose of Poetry

The purpose of poetry
is to provide a writer
with emotional sanity
and a life that is lighter.

It provides a way of understanding
the human interactions
daily encountered, and demanding
the balance of different factions.

The benefits include a sunnier view
of a life that can be mundane
a vision of things in light anew
and more enjoyable to the brain.

Advise that all who feel locked in
to a life unhappy and solitary
should take to writing anything
but will benefit most from poetry.
©David L Atkinson April 2014

Another use of poetry was typically employed by court jesters was commenting on news (see below).

Moyes Sacking
David Moyes has gone
Winter's team did not perform
Money beats results
©David L Atkinson April 2014

So what will you write?

God Bless