Monday, 28 April 2014

Tuesday Recipe - Pork, bacon and leek pie

I remember my mother and my wives begging for inspiration with regards to what to cook for their families. When it's writing inspiration seems to flow - well at least to my satisfaction - but creating menus is a different skill.
My mother lived at a time when the variety of foods available was limited to fresh mostly and a dearth of herbs and spices, so the opportunity for variety or flashy food was limited. Like most ladies cooking after WWII the easiest way of feeding the family was to get into a routine. So Sunday was a roast dinner, Monday was cold warmed up, Tuesday was the last of the roast meat with chips, veg and gravy, Wednesday a fry up, Thursday hot pot, Friday fish and Saturday pie and peas. All tasty, all cheap and all fresh food freshly cooked. Well I had to think of something that was easy to reheat, because of time constraints, tasty, and came up with the above pie.
In some ways it is as basic as they come but by cooking the filling in cider, the pork took in the apple flavour from the alcohol and was delicious and remained moist. The mashed potato was made with creme fraiche, basil and mature cheddar cheese and as a result more rich than bog standard mashed tatties.

The recipe is on the Tab.

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