Friday, 25 April 2014

Writing - Note taking and idea collection

People say that a writer should carry a notebook to record things that may prove useful later - Kim Jong-un ruler of North Korea has this down to a fine art.

In fact his grandfather began the practice in the 1950's and there was one incident where the then ruler was watching a truck completing some work commented that the bucket seemed too small for the horsepower of the vehicle. He went on to suggest that a larger bucket would be more efficient and subsequently changes were made along those lines. This is called the 'field guidance policy'

It would be great if a writer had the luxury of a scribe to follow them around and make jottings for their own personal field guidance policy! Personally, if something occurs that is noteworthy, I have to either record it when I get home or try and make a note on my mobile phone. It's interesting that tablet computers are available in N Korea and yet Kim III insists on pen and paper.

That segues nicely into the reminder of the existence of Corresponding Writers where people connect via pen and paper. Just pop over to the website and see what it's all about.

The idea that people may wish to communicate in the slower 'old-fashioned' format may seem like stepping back in time but in some measure it's logical. We write so that people can spend time reading, and we spend time considering what we are giving our readers. Writing a letter is slower and requires more consideration and sometimes a better quality of communication is the outcome. That is the lesson in itself so if you are curious about 'real' letter writing why not have a look at Bert Carson's website using the link above.

At this point you could be forgiven for believing that I am repeating yesterday's blog I Had A Dream but it is a different topic with a similar outcome. Yesterday I was referring to planning today its about inspiration, ideas and making notes. Once again there are million's of hits on Google if you type in writer's notebook, and once again, numerous writer's trying to earn money by selling the best advice or piece of software on how to write. What I say is write something which comes from inside and let the examples speak for themselves. My thoughts on this are summed up in a saying that is usually applied to members of the teaching profession,

'those who can do - those who can't teach'

I don't subscribe to that statement when applied to teachers as I've known many very able and talented folk in that profession but it is my feeling that some people write a book then have the arrogance to try and tell all other would be writers how it should be done. Share experiences by all means but let your writing do the talking.
God Bless