Friday, 11 April 2014

Writing - Pulses and Passion

The history of our places fascinates most people at some times in their lives and I think perhaps for many they are looking for answers to the question why? As we age there are a couple of truisms that become more apparent. 

Today you are older than you've ever been and the youngest you are going to be.

The history of Steele in that series of novels is formed over the first five books but pulled together in a more formal way in Inceptus, the fifth story. It wasn't a deliberate plan but then as I have often said I don't plan in depth. Creating a history for your lead characters adds depth and realism and as always the advice 'right from where you're at' is relevant. Steele is in part my upbringing and certainly from my home area. 

Speaking of history I came across the following beauty which I'm sure will make you smile but wouldn't it be funny if in 100 years time if we could look back, we are reduced by the health nuts to eating grass, when we should have had fat and first class protein in our diets!

Pulses and Passion

Four centuries ago, flatulent foods such as beans and chickpeas were hailed as a cure for a flagging libido. In fact 'windy meats' (pulses) were promoted only for men. In fact flatulence was thought to be particularly damaging to women. Wind enhanced both the amount and potency of the seed and the function of the male reproductive organs. In the seventeenth century Helkiah Crooke wrote in Mikrokosmographia: A Description of the Body of Man, 

"When as in venerious appetites, the bloud & spirits do in great quantity assemble themselves out of the veines and arteries, that member is as it were a gutte filled with winde, presently swelling and growing hard"

God Bless