Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Writing - Significant snatches of Time

A short blog today as time is pressing (as the monkey said when the clock fell on it).

We are ruled by time and the frequency with which that occurs seems to be on the increase. When we write time is a factor which we need to take care of to regulate pace and lend verisimilitude to our stories. I often find that stories that drag do so when the time element has been allowed to slip in some way. Similarly when watching a film, if the director has mismanaged the passage of time attention of the watchers may wander.

We humans have a variety of sayings that are time focussed,

'Stitch in time saves nine'

'Time flies (tempus fugit)'

'There's no time like the present'

and so on. I also found this which is a great summation for writers,

God Bless