Sunday, 6 April 2014

Writing - Solipsism and more.

The philosophical idea of solipsism is that the only existence that is provable is that of self. Consider this amusing story as a demonstration:-

An elderly lecturer at university was a disciple of solipsism and even though he was of great age kept turning up to carry out his teaching commitment. Two other teachers observed the old man turning up to work one day and one said to the other,

"I wonder why he keeps going at his age?"
the reply was,

"You'd better hope he does because if he stops we all do!"

This philosophical consideration reminds me of numbers of semi-drunken discussions in the wee small hours while away at college, about the meaning of life. As with youngsters who have time on their hands they consider their own futures and what that may mean but can generate some daft and some interesting ideas.
When we write what else are we doing other than exploring different versions of our world as seen through the eyes of alternative consciousnesses. Patrick A Steele allows me to do things on paper that would be quite illegal in reality. 
The beauty of thinking outside the box in this way is that there aren't any boundaries. The only limits are the constraints you place on your own mind and in that fact you have a therapy which is free of charge and limitless. So if you are suffering a block just allow your mind to drift and consider the alternatives available to you, if nothing comes - make it up.


Maria Miller MP

I can't let the case of Maria Miller, culture secretary, go by without some comment and in some ways it is not unlike the different viewpoints of a situation as described above. It's yet another expenses scandal in which she has been accused of using tax payers money to fund a house for her parents to occupy. The amount of money is around £90 000. The Parliamentary Commissioner of Standards ordered that she repay £45 000 which was then commuted to £5800 by the House of Commons Committee on Standards and Ethics. This committee is a body of 13 people 3 of whom are not MPs. Those three folk are not allowed to vote on matters concerning discipline matters for MPs! Strange don't you think? Well in my mind it's strange.
The PM doesn't want to lose Maria Miller because she is one of only 4 ladies in the cabinet but if she's been dishonest I don't see that as an excuse for clemency. Another minister says that he supports the lady because he doesn't want to see a 'witch hunt'. Neither of these 'reasons' excuse crime in my humble opinion and the fact that Maria Miller has to repay money, no matter how little, would confirm that there is some guilt. 

What annoys me is that we ordinary people would be locked up for such crimes!

Sleep well Maria!

God Bless