Sunday, 13 April 2014

Writing - Twitter changes and making the best of the platform

I have never claimed to be and expert in the use of social media and have avoided trying to appear one to listen to in the use of Twitter as a tool for furthering the course of having my wares successfully out there. No there isn't a 'but' - I discovered some advice issued at a time when Twitter is to have a face lift and it isn't my own!
Start with the basics. Pause to think about your profile picture and description before you start tweeting.
PeerIndex warn clients that tweeting less than once a day runs the risk of their followers culling their account
Pick something personal which says something about you specifically.
Remember the Twitter profile photo is very small so a full-face image is going to be easier to see than a full-body.
With your bio try telling people about the sort of things you tweet about, that way they can easily decide to follow you based on shared interests.
Twitter's new layout allows you to add a Facebook-style banner image at the top - so, it's worth thinking about whether you want to use the virtual real estate to post a second larger photo of yourself or another image that tells visitors about your interests.

Seriously, be funny

An uncluttered wallpaper that also speaks to your personality can also make your profile seem appealing. But once you have finished fiddling with the layout how should you reel people in?
Your perfect tweets will have at least one of the following: information, insight, and humour.
If it has all three then it is going to be incredibly shareable.

Information is stuff that people want to know. Insight is 'here you are behind the scenes', and humour is humour.

And some does and dont's

  • Keep it short. Don't feel compelled to use all 140 characters unless you need to. Research shows that followers prefer short sweet tweets
  • Keep it coming. Be the account that does that recurring thing (be it a weekly Twitter quiz, monthly Twitter interview or a Friday giveaway)
  • Know your @s from your elbow! Remember that starting a tweet with an @ means that it's only seen by that person and your mutual followers
  • Don't #overuse hashtags. They are important when they're used #correctly but are #pointless and #annoying when #overused
There are other things that should be remembered about Twitter manners which I have no intention of going into as I think there is enough to take in already.

God Bless