Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Poetry Thursday 109 - Give with one hand and a lovely walk

On occasions life takes twists and turns that seem to be linked by fate, whatever that means. This week has been a little like that for me but all seems well at the moment. Poetry reflects how things go and here goes.

Given and Taken Away

Why is it so that when all is well
something incurs inexplicably rude
to plunge ones good feelings to the depths of hell
negating all that was good?

The prize-winning sense of euphoria
has you floating in the glorious firmament
but lurking in the background is a plethora
of pitfalls preparing disappointment.

Is it wrong to expect good things
to happen making your world glow
and not to worry that something
will come along to interrupt the happy flow?

Or should we perhaps be grateful
and identify what is beneficial
that makes our lives more meaningful
and outshines the superficial?
©David L Atkinson May 2014

New Miller Dam

A bright busy spring morning
glistening on the gently stirring dammed waters
busy with relaxed people holidaying.
Feathered friends performing around and on their watery stage.
A pastoral feast littered with ice cream and excited rugrats cacophony.
But idyllic.

Momentary relief from the daily grind
for young and old alike.
Cameras clicking, whirring, noisily trying
to capture forever the God given scenario.
Picnics, bluebells, woodland
a soft experience occasionally punctuated
by barking dogs and other happy waves.
A life’s day.
©David L Atkinson May 2014

God Bless