Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Poetry Thursday 110 - Fat cats and global warming

While looking for information to include in the prologue of Earth Inc I came across some interesting stuff on global warming which inspired the second poem below. 
Firstly I was more than a little perturbed at the announcement of 104 billionaires living in London. Why is that news? Why are they there?

Rich List

Why do we need to know
that there are people with more
than most of us will ever have
in ten life time’s on this Earth?

Where is their shame when they drive
down the street in their limousines
and pass by the homeless and destitute
eking out a version of life with nothing?

How do they justify in their minds
buying things with vast sums
because that is what they have
in their banks not considering value?

What can they possibly enjoy
when the only drive they have
is to keep what they have and
make even more filthy lucre?

Why don’t they delve into realms
of genuine pleasure and reach out
to the other ones in this life
and help with their largesse
expecting nothing in return?
©David L Atkinson May 2014

Global Warming

They say that it is our fault
the clammy, crazy climate.
Are we a set of gullible dolts?
The weather’s becoming more temperate!

Who are they to tell us so
the silly, stuffy scientists?
When there is a lack of snow
and our world has violent tempests.

Is there anyone to blame
for ropy, ratty rhythms?
Or is it a Little Ice Age came
and Earth reacting to distortions.

Politicians are making capital
with pricy, pointless policies
to persuade voters that it’s all
for future beneficiaries.

Could it be a dubious plot tried
of sly, subtle scale
to keep the fat cats satisfied
as the energy companies fail?

So when you hear of global warming
be sensible, sceptical, sane.
Take with a pinch of salt the warning
and enjoy the snow and rain.
©David L Atkinson May 2014

God Bless