Saturday, 3 May 2014

Writing - 10 things we didn't know last week

There are even more strange and amusing facts this week.

1. There can be up to 30 security features on a single bank note.


2. The code A113 is implanted in every Pixar movie.

Its all very well telling us its there but what is it for?


3. Pennsylvania is the most linguistically rich US state - it has five dialects, compared with the typical two or three.


4. Mice don't like the way men smell - the stress is the equivalent of a three minute swim - but the scent of a woman is okay.

I'm not fond of the way they smell either!!


5. The Wiltshire village of Amesbury is the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in Britain.


6. Divorce in older couples is more likely when the wife falls ill.


7. Petrol is free for people in Turkmenistan - although the 120 litre free allowance will be phased out soon.

Don't tell everyone or they'll all want some!

8. You can smell someone's gender.

Should that be finished with 'if you get close enough?'


9. Southern Mexico has sensors that give residents of Mexico City two minutes notice that an earthquake is on the way - seismic waves travel at 7,000 mph (11265 km/h).


10. A key character in Booker Prize winner Hilary Mantel's latest collection appeared to her in a hallucination while she was high on morphine.

Having received yet another rejection slip this week perhaps I should turn to morphine!

God Bless