Saturday, 31 May 2014

Writing - 10 things we didn't know last week

Snippets of news for your entertainment from this week.

1. Butterflies in Europe are becoming lighter coloured because of warmer temperatures.


2. Fair haired players are 15% more likely to score at a penalty shootout than dark haired footballers.


3. St. Mary's Church is the most ambiguous term on Wikipedia.


4. Large ocean waves can travel through sea ice for hundreds of kilometres.


5. Britain's first Eurocrats invented the expression "French face-ache" to sum up the effect of long days speaking fiendishly technical French in 1970s Brussels.


6. Congo-Brazzaville has a peat bog the size of England.


7. Crickets on two Hawaiian islands have evolved an inability to sing to hide from deadly flies.


8. It takes more than an hour to walk from one end of the Airbus campus in Toulouse to the other.


9. Spelthorne in Surrey is the mining capital of England and Wales.


10. Iceland has the highest level of obesity and overweight people of anywhere in western Europe.


God Bless