Friday, 30 May 2014

Writing - Proof reading and final steps.

The process of producing a book really only begins when the manuscript is completed.

When I order my proof copies I usually have only a few changes to the manuscript so imagine my disappointment when the book cover came back and is totally unsuitable! I am experimenting with real photographs which you will see on this blog.

Proof readers
I am lucky enough to have two volunteer readers who cheerfully carry out a great job for me for nothing more than a copy of the finished article. Not only do they save me money but while I am experimenting with photography they are giving me time.  

Different sites are available for writers of ebooks to publish their works. However, there is no consistency between sites regarding the size of the image for your cover. That may seem minor but of course if you need to expand your image then any imperfections may well be magnified. I have had problems with and the first Steele novel 'I Have To Get It Right' which has a different cover to the paperback and Amazon versions as a result.

The pleasure will come when all of the preparation work is complete and the finished copies are in my hands and the hands of the readers.
Launch date is possibly mid-June. Watch this space for more news.

On VG today.

God Bless