Friday, 16 May 2014

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More book covers I'm afraid. Showed some the other day but then changed the title of my book to 'Castled' and so I need something more fitting for a cover.

 I like the shades on this one but I think it is rather like Pisa!
 A little wan perhaps?

 Plain but nice but perhaps too plain.
  In with a chance!
I've finished my first edit and so ready to upload to (search under David L Atkinson). So I need to make a decision this weekend then I can order author's copies for proof reading.

So that is progress today but I was reminded twice this week of the responsibility writers have to tell the world when things need attention.
Charles Dickens
 Reading the great man's biography I was intrigued to discover that he didn't just comment through his books and magazines on the plight of the needy in society but he also set up a home for fallen women with the express purpose of turning them away from their poor lives and equally poor prospects for a long life.

George Orwell
 Like Dickens Orwell was greatly affected by the plight of the poor and wrote 'Down and Out in Paris and London'
In 1929 he wrote of Rue de Coq D'Or,

"Quarrels, and the desolate cries of street hawkers, and the shouts of children chasing-orange-peel over the cobbles, and at night loud singing and the sour reek of the refuse carts, made up the atmosphere of the street…. Poverty is what I'm writing about and I had my first contact with poverty in this slum."  

Looking round the world today and the two cities above, and you could be forgiven for asking what had changed in the last hundred years or so. Both writers would be greatly disturbed that we humans have not lost the lust for money and wealth at the epense of the less well favoured. Once again I refer to the publication of 'rich lists' and the like and re-publish my poem Rich List

Rich List

Why do we need to know
that there are people with more
than most of us will ever have
in ten life time’s on this Earth?

Where is their shame when they drive
down the street in their limousines
and pass by the homeless and destitute
eking out a version of life with nothing?

How do they justify in their minds
buying things with vast sums
because that is what they have
in their banks not considering value?

What can they possibly enjoy
when the only drive they have
is to keep what they have and
make even more filthy lucre?

Why don’t they delve into realms
of genuine pleasure and reach out
to the other ones in this life
and help with their largesse
expecting nothing in return?
©David L Atkinson May 2014

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