Monday, 16 June 2014

A Tuesday Recipe - Liven up your salads

If you saw a photograph of me you would know that I've been a salad dodger most of my life. In fact when Lent comes around I firm up my dislike of salad by professing to the Lord that I will not touch green stuff for the full period. The reasons for my dislike of such foods that are supposedly good for the average omnivore? Almost every type of green plant tastes bitter or bland, there doesn't seem to be any middle ground.

Salmon and bacon patties with salad
 with soy and honey dressing.

The green element of the salad you see on the photo above is rocket which I find the least astringent of salad leaves. Even so the dressing makes this quite sweet. 
The dressing is made from 2 tbsp light soy sauce; 1tbsp olive oil; and 1 tbsp clear honey. (The recipe recommended sesame seed oil but as I didn't have that at home I used etra virgin olive oil.) 

Tuna and pasta salad

The second salad is more my 'salad' dish. I love pasta, in fact most things Italian, but even this can seem bland so I used the above dressing. One factor that is coming more to the fore in my thinking about preparing food is presentation and condition. Again there is rocket with this salad but added at the last minute and tossed on the plate. If you toss it all in the same bowl I find that the leaves tend to adopt a bruised limp look and are less appetising as a result. Similarly if you toss hard boiled egg and cherry tomatoes with the rest of the ingredients they break up and seemingly disappear. Part of the process of enjoying a salad must be with a more vibrant looking meal! (After all, the flavours are questionable if not dressed!)
Of course there are some additional flavourings as well. I like nutty flavours and so there is a sprinkling of pine nuts over the salad and I cut a rasher of bacon into strips, fried it and topped the salad with those so a kaleidoscope of flavours but a more interesting dish for me!

God Bless