Monday, 9 June 2014

No Tuesday Recipe! - Presentation

I went off for a few hours this weekend so ended up not cooking seriously. I did eat out however!

Hot steak sandwich

I felt rather self-conscious taking the photograph and so rather snatched at the view instead of taking my time hence the not great finish. However, you can see the presentation ideas. The salad is in an enamelled mug, the sandwich was served on a wooden platter, the triple cooked chips are in a half pint mug at the back of the sandwich. Irrespective of what you think of the presentation in comparison with the previous owners, it is innovative. The food was delicious by the way.

The presentation is the interesting part. When we write quite a proportion of the final article is dependant on things such as font size, line spacing, paragraph indent and so on as well as the cover for our stories. We also must decide on the blurb, the author information and advertising previous works. All of these are about how the work looks rather than how it reads.

As a self-published author I'm learning on the job and castled represents my latest effort.

Castled is available from Amazon at the slightly increased price of £2.99. Just click on the title.

God Bless