Monday, 30 June 2014

Poetry challenge - Completely Novel

Photo: It's #PromptMonday! Pay particular attention to the shadow on the wall in this one...

What to do:

1. Write a poem, short story, script, Haiku, tweet, song - whatever you like - using this picture prompt as inspiration. 

2. Add it to your website, blog, Facebook page etc, and post a link to it as a comment under the picture.

3. The best one will be shared on Facebook as #StorySaturday



Love is the tender bond
that holds a couple strong.
But others around would abscond
with either right or wrong.

Why do outsiders feel
that they have rights to a view.
Layers of love they try to peel
praying dislocation will ensue.

It would be fairer for them
to provide good mutual support
and leave their personal phlegm
for a less invasive sport.

Respect those drawn in love,
glorify the chance they’re taking.
Give thanks to all who move
together and the bond that they’re making.
© David L Atkinson June 2014

God Bless