Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Poetry Thursday 114 - To whom it may concern

A celebration of relaxation and fun.

To Whom It May Concern

Just anticipating the first droplet makes the quality of life seem better.
The cool, velvety smoothness makes plain water just seem wetter.
As the brown flavours dance across your expectant taste buds the mind is transported.
The tranquil sojourn sweeps the arid cells of your body unescorted.

Level falls in your glass.

Interaction is lubricated by its’ luminous glory.
Patience and calmness exudes in the assembled company.
The body topped by an intelligent, creamy head
that knows to cling on until the body’s almost dead.

Level falls in your glass.

Unfettered bonhomie encourages a repeated impletion.
The company argues gently to own blessed restoration.
The process begins again with anticipation no less keen,
as the servitor refills liquid heaven into receptacles pristine.

Levels replenished.
©David L Atkinson June 2014

The title of the above is because if you don't drink hand pulled beer you won't appreciate the heaven you're missing.


Every Sunday we, the choir, line up in the church narthex to follow the crucifer into church. On parade Sundays as last week the children in various uniformed organisations follow the choir carrying their standards, which is risky for the choir!

I was challenged to write an appropriate haiku.

A nasal pennant

flagging Spring worshipfulness

and spiking the brain!

Haiku lends itself to current situations.

The Pig

The pig, and I have more than an inkling,
gives bacon, loin, belly and crackling.
With its flesh it should be more careful,
its health management is somewhat woeful.
©David L Atkinson June 2014

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God Bless