Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Poetry Thursday 116 - Sonnets, emotion and power of words.

These two sonnets will tip you over the edge if you're feeling down! I am re-blogging them because they still feel powerful.


Taking the sun in a foreign city
Heat and light reflecting the hell within
Looking for someone who can share pity
A bridge can offer solace from the pain
Is there no one who sees the tortured soul?
Can anyone plumb the depths of the pit?
How can existence continue its goal
When the depths in darkness remain unlit?
The way out is selfishness in extreme
Those left behind would be undeserving
There must be other ways to end the dream
Finality without blame adhering

It never happened because of others
Where is the solace from our brothers?
© David L Atkinson April 2012



Is there any such emotion as love?
Two people together entwined for life
A united pair with peace of the dove
Or a faulty bond - threat of coming strife.
The real purpose being protection from age
Children fail to understand the reason
Often with anger, frustration and rage
Until seeing their own autumn season
What of those units where friendship is key
No permanent paper licence of rite
Always opportunity to be free
No ‘glue’ but the chance to remain so tight

There is love with all escorted gladness
But accompanied by risk of sadness
© David L Atkinson May 2012

God Bless