Monday, 2 June 2014

Tuesday Recipe - Chorizo and Smoked haddock bake

It's amazing what communicating face-to-face brings you in terms of rewards. I was chatting to a friend about recipes and she came up with the combination you'll see in full on the Recipe Tab today.

The bake's main ingredients are chorizo sausage and smoked haddock which may seem to be a strange sort of surf and turf combination but with the addition of tomato and basil they work really well together.

On the plate the layer of tomato, basil and potato is more visible as is the cheese sauce. I served it with garden peas but any green vegetable would go well.


No I haven't gone into building my own rockets just about to launch the 6th Steele novel called 'Castled'. I have finalised the manuscript and uploaded to and have also changed the cover design. (See below)

By the end of the week this could be available as an eBook and in paperback next week.

God Bless