Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Writing - Castled is launched

As usually happens this book launch has happened all in a rush. It is only available at Completely Novel at £4.99 from the link below, at the moment. 

It could end up being the longest launch in history as the publishers tend to control the distribution to 3rd party sites. If the Smashwords process is being friendly it could be available there in eBook format this week.

Stop Press
Available on Smashwords at $0.99



Patrick Steele is placed in a position unfamiliar to him when his own personal space is burgled. The consequences are extensive at a personal level and to his property. The ghost of a previous operation drives Steele to take measures to retrieve the artefacts stolen from him and to avenge the death of a member of his team. He is handed a possible solution but then there arises a threat to his identity which he must keep hidden at all costs. The question is how high is the price that is paid to remain elusive?


I have had some pre-orders of the paperback version and they could arrive by the end of the week. 

On VG today.

God Bless