Friday, 13 June 2014

Writing - Full moon on Friday 13th

Tonight there will be a full moon and it is Friday 13th June. These facts are what stories can spring from and may be worth exploration.

It could be wise to keep the vampires at home tonight! Of course there are other factors like soaring temperatures and yesterdays massive solar flares (true) that can affect such things as GPS systems. 

The origins of the number 13 being unlucky are wide and varied, from Norse tales of it being unlucky for 13 people to sit having a meal together, to the Last Supper and beyond. Dan Brown's book The Da Vinci Code linked the number 13 with the Knight's Templar and the number 12 is considered regular and complete - 12 months, 12 Apostles, and 12 hours in the clock day etc., so 13 becomes irregular and incomplete.

So what about the moon? Some theories suggest that the moon influences our behaviour in the same way in which it affects the tide. It exerts influence on the water in our bodies through gravitational pull.
Others have suggested that it's the light of the moon that has influence. One study found an alarming increase in the number of animal bites on a full moon.
So prevalent is the idea that the moon makes people behave in a bizarre way (hence the term lunacy) that in 2007 extra police were called in to patrol the streets of Brighton when the moon is full.
Research by Sussex police concluded there was a rise in the number of violent offences that take place when the moon is full.

So what does that all mean? Don't go to Brighton on Friday 13th!

For writers such coincidences and widely held superstitions can provide the basis for stories, perhaps in this case more of horror and similar genre. However, they can also be used to include inexplicable events of extreme nature in any story. 

Once again this is an example of tapping into your readers personal superstitions and fears which will attract them to your work. It's always good to link make believe to reality.

Also with the factors outlined; solar flares, heat waves, Friday June 13th and a full moon, could inspire a whole story of its own.

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