Friday, 27 June 2014

Writing - Happy Poet's Day

It isn't really world poetry day, that's in October, but I heard the above comment (title) made by a presenter on the radio station Classic FM this morning and it made my ears prick up.

Apologies for the vulgarity but it seems that these days if there is no vulgar language whatever is being said isn't worth listening to or reading! 
The term is, apparently, in common usage in the UK and Australia among workers - sorry never heard of it - to make Friday's more bearable! It struck me as strange that the words 'happy' and 'poet' should appear in the same phrase in relation to each other. Having read about poets, and indulging in that mad art myself, there is nothing happy about the form at all.  Entertaining, divergent thinking, emotional, pain-filled, clear sighted and more, but happy is inadequate and superficial like so many aspects of modern day life.

Kielder Forest

Poet's respond to the surroundings in a variety of ways and I wrote some thoughts about the Kielder Forest while visiting there this week.

Branches thicker than a man's body,
twisting, ancient trunks beneath
 variegated canopies unspoiled
by arrow straight conifers.
Broad leaved forest blocking out
His light harbouring no evil threat
but dark.
A safe haven for wildlife but
concealing predators
© David L Atkinson June 2014

The place generated feelings of desolation, power, life, excitement, fear and so much more but the above was first reaction. If you want to write but have never considered poetry then go look at something, it may be familiar or even mundane, but then list the words that come to mind and write them in phrases. You have waxed poetic! 

So when I say happy poet's day it isn't about leaving work early because the weekend has arrived.
God Bless