Sunday, 22 June 2014

Writing - Research on the ground.

I'm not a reluctant traveller, or at least I never used to be, but as I've aged and retired the reason to travel seems to be less urgent. However, since I started writing my 7th Steele novel, I've had the feeling that I want to investigate part of the area that I'm writing about.

I'm featuring this area in a story because it's an area of my own country that is within 40 miles of where I was born and brought up and yet I've never fully explored Kielder. 
Whenever I've included travel in my books I have usually visited that country and accumulated an impression of the atmosphere which I feel enriches my writing. As I've approached the section of writing that includes the above area I've felt lacking in the 'feel' of the place so I'm off tomorrow, which means no blog for a couple or three days. Of course, it is possible to carry out research on Google but you only physically 'see' an area rather than experiencing it!

It's been a good day for my latest Steele novel on the sales front as I've managed to convince 3 people to buy 'Castled' today and a fourth person has purchased my collection of poetry 'The Musings of a Confused Mind' which is all very gratifying. Another book and I'll almost have broken even this month!
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Writing colleague Claude Nougat has re-blogged on this source of media making an interesting comparison with Twitter. I have an account under the same user name as my Twitter account @dla1950. Please feel free to have a look at the submissions I've made so far.

God Bless