Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Poetry Thursday 118 - How hard it is going to school!

People often ask where inspiration comes from and in fact there is no easy answer. It can actually come from anywhere but what is really significant is that it is the receiver's perception of a situation that matters.
I was out walking one morning when I passed by a number of high school pupils making their way to school when I noticed the faces of the children and something clicked regarding the day they were about to face and the poem below came out.

Children versus school

You see the faces when on their way
in groups or all alone,
walking with collective laughing bray
or fearful scowl when they are one.

As the gates that bind the day
close behind their young backs
they advance to hear the teacher say
of their work, that nothing lacks.

Then they break to go and play
and avoid the attention of the bully,
hoping for their friends to say
that all at school is jolly.

“What fun that we will have today
so don’t take long with your food!”
Out to the playground, a sea of grey
that doubles for desert or field or wood.

Then finally released to retrace the way
that brought them to their school
and avoid relating negative fray
to parents, who ever followed the rule.

To hopefully sleep the night away
they stay up as long as they can
knowing the traps of the inevitable day
will come round once again.
© David L Atkinson July 2014

God Bless