Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Poetry Thursday 119 - The Heart

We take it for granted, our heart that began beating before we were born and will continue until the day we die. My daughter visits a midwife to hear her babies heartbeat at only about 16 weeks of the 40 of a standard pregnancy. The health organisations shout at us about the abuse we put our hearts through, we all know the issues. Here is a summation of that amazing piece of engineering that has nothing to do with 'man-made'!!

The Heart

Taken very much for granted
the mystical beating heart,
throbbing, pulsating powerfully
keeping life and death apart.

Day and night working unsung
from consciousness’s flow chart
four chambers – rooms of existence
travailed before real life did start.

Amazingly resilient to the abuse
that tries to pierce as a dart
it continues to pound life-giving use
obesity, smoking, drinking to thwart.

As strong as it is there is a delicacy
God may have chosen to impart
before birth and conscious malignity
perhaps causing premature depart.

It holds all life in its chambers
hopefully healthy from the start.
That pulsing, throbbing lovely organ
the almost tireless human heart.
© David L Atkinson July 2014

God Bless