Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Poetry Thursday 120 - A News Issues sonnet

Assisted dying, women bishops and more women in the cabinet - what is the world coming too?

Shakespeare by Caroline Shotton

Venusian Issues

Is it okay to help people to die
when God gave life as a present?
To permit the law to posture and lie
over the suffering they should prevent.

The old-fashioned laity are now scorned
by opening doors to the bishop’s see.
No doubt positions will be sternly mourned
now that women with power are set free.

Old, stale and grey Tory rulers usurped
by the introduction of petticoats.
Countries could be so efficiently worked
under the helm of more feminine notes.

Men are from Mars and used to the power
Women from Venus - cometh the hour!
© David L Atkinson July 2014

I saw a print of Caroline Shotton's work in a gallery and was intrigued by the use of cows as characters. There are also Elizabeth I and Henry VIII to name but two and the one below made me smile also.

Black Udder and Bulldrick