Monday, 7 July 2014

Tuesday Recipe - Liver stroganoff (adapted)

I know that I've included this recipe in the past but between, Wimbledon Finals, Grande Depart of the Tour de France in Yorkshire, World Cup and the British Grand Prix, things have been busy this weekend. On top of that Saturday was given over to celebrate the ordination of good friends as deacon. There's the big fella third from the left and the lady at the end on the left.

New deacons ordained by Bishop Tony at Wakefield Cathedral

Congratulations to all!

So all the activity left little time for cooking therefore I decided on liver stroganoff as something quick and tasty. As a footnote this recipe originally came from a healthy eating source!

Liver Stroganoff

This meal has so much goodness that it's bouncing with health. I appreciate that liver is not to everyone's taste but as the meat is cut into quite thin strips it is less over-facing than a large piece of liver. I have also added peas, another one of the 5-a day requirements and the rice is whole grain. The only really unhealthy parts to the meal are butter for frying the onions and creme fraiche for the sauce. 
NB. I did use 'lite' creme fraiche. 

The full recipe is on the relevant Tab

God Bless