Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Writing - Being human!

Being human is a complex of diverse behaviours that are at times inexplicable and at times child-like in their simplicity. Yet as adults we pantomime grown up behaviour, even going as far as putting ourselves above the majority as world leaders, but still indulge in violence which is a stage of the early development of children. One of the facets of being a functioning 'grown-up' is responsibility but then we take totally brainless actions!

Children die in cars

This sad photograph keeps happening! Why do functioning, thinking people leave children in cars alone in high temperatures? Yet over the last 10 years there have been an average of 38 deaths each year in parts of the USA. In cooler climates the problems are fewer for obvious reasons but it should be remembered that the internal temperature in a car can rise by 10 degrees in 10 minutes.
The worryingly simplistic advice to help prevent these occurrences are below,

  • Keep a teddy bear in the car seat when it's empty, then when you put your child in the seat, move the animal to the front seat
  • Put a shoe or mobile phone in the seat with your child
  • Put the car seat on the passenger side of the back seat
  • Look in the front and back seats when you lock the car
  • Ask your partner to call to check you dropped your child off at nursery

I have 3 children and 2 step children and they were just never left alone. If you have a child then your mentality has to be changed from self-centred to child-centred. This type of neglect lends credence to the suggestion that people should have IQ tests before being allowed to breed! (A possible book topic?)


I am not pushing any one religion but rather the need for humans of all races to seek reasons for inexplicable events, to either apportion blame or demand succour. In itself that type of behaviour is quite child-like and as such atheists quite often base criticism of religion on this over-simplification. The fact is that adults are not that divorced from their childhoods and belief in a higher less observable being is almost like belief in a deceased parent. We are constantly reflecting back on our own upbringing so, when there is no longer an earth bound person to go to in times of stress, we look to a god. 

Dave Allen

Dave Allen died years ago but had an interesting closing line to his one man comedy programme,

'Thank you, goodnight and may your god go with you!'

I think he was saying that we all worship some higher being but how child-like is that when as children we often worship our parents. 

So when we create characters in our writings imbuing a sense of childishness produces a vulnerability and an opportunity for our readers to love those we have created. Steele has a past that I hope readers will sympathise with when they read my stories. Becoming involved with my character will draw the reader into the actions he becomes involved with and the 5th book Inceptus explores his past more fully. At £2.56 it is available for Kindle or to download to reading apps on smartphones and tablets, and is reasonably priced.

God Bless