Sunday, 13 July 2014

Writing - Points in time

When we write about a point in time to provide the reader with texture we need to add relevant detail.
This weekend there have been some very interesting pronouncements, even one or two that might lead to another Steele tale. Let me share.

It must be said that many countries round the world have female bishops but this position, for the UK, has dragged on for a while. There are still some very conservative members of the church who haven't really accepted the ordination of women even thought that decision was made 20 years ago. It looks like all that will change at General Synod in York tomorrow.

This Friday the House of Lords will once again debate a bill on assisted dying. This terrifies me if I'm honest and could well lead to a Steele novel. Archbishop Desmond Tutu and ex- Archbishop of Canterbury Carey have come out in favour on the grounds of individual cases they have been influenced by and also the caring nature of Christians. However, if you consider the nature of governments and the need to save money by cutting back on benefits and publicly run services such as the NHS, then you would also worry. The coalition government in the UK along with the labour party are establishment groups whose primary function is to make money in the private sector. In the last four years they have passed various laws that have bolstered their capitalistic position. 
So project forward 25 years and imagine the temptation to use a law allowing assisted dying to cut the costs of taking care of an ever ageing population!The only limits to the use of such a law is your imagination.
One possible scenario is described in Claude Nougat's story 'Forever Young' which is well worth a read.
Just to add fuel to the fire, in countries and states where assisted dying is permitted a third of those people going for it assert that they would rather die than be a burden. My attitude is if that is the case the health services are not doing their job properly.

There is the case of reports into sex abuse by leading political figures from the 1970's that has been covered up. There are allegations of files being destroyed and lost coupled with denial and rubbishing the claims. The government in response has called for an inquiry chaired by the sister of one of the ministers who may have been involved at some level, either in the cover up or the crimes themselves! 
Going back to the assisted dying - would you believe anything they told you?

Fairly recently the European Court has removed the rights of governments to collect and hold information on possible terrorists. UK government is rushing new legislation through parliament to restore those rights. They are not worried whether or not the people who they are collecting information on are terrorists they just want the right to invade people's privacy.
Going back to the assisted dying - would you believe anything they told you?

I appreciate that there is a lot of political stuff in this blog pertaining to the UK but as most governments are capitalistic in nature the views are not exclusive to the UK.

God Bless