Friday, 4 July 2014

Writing - Reading is such a valuable activity

As a writer of course I'm going to say that reading is a valuable activity, I want people to read my books. However, consider its value.
Cheap - the books can last forever
Safe - You don't need a hard hat and hi-viz vest to read.

National Literacy Trust

The National Literacy Trust has sponsored an idea of making 50 benches in London into open pages of books ranging from Peter Pan to Day of the Triffids.

Paddington Bear bench

Cartoonist Ralph Steadman and How To Train Your Dragon creator Cressida Cowell are among those taking part. 
"I am so excited to have designed a How to Train Your Dragon book bench and to be part of the National Literacy Trust's Books about Town campaign to celebrate the wealth of writing and illustrating talent in this country," said Cowell, who is known for illustrating her own books.
"I am hoping Books about Town will remind Londoners on the streets of the joy of reading books."

James Bond bench
James Bond is celebrated.

The benches, such as the one below inspired by Always Try To Be A Little Kinder Than Is Necessary, are designed to show how children and adults can find the art of reading fun and inspiring. 

Always Try to be a Little Kinder

I would add just one more argument for reading. The position would seem to be against electronic gadgets, but as you can use them for reading it isn't really. The charge 'kids like instant gratification from their sources of entertainment has made reading unpopular' is a bit of a cop out. It gives an excuse to shrug the shoulders and avoid the subject but what I would say is what gratification is more instant than the imagination clicking into gear and being engaged by a story? The youth of today play games for hours that are basic story scenarios so they have the stamina to read so let's encourage it by talking about imagination.

Another comment that hasn't changed for youngsters is the one which has been an implied criticism of reading - 'He/She has always got his/her head in a book' - could be adapted by taking out book and replace it with the appropriate electronic device! 

We should just encourage the reading by doing it ourselves, talking about it and leaving books around our houses, for children to see and use.
God Bless