Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Writing - Truth can enhance fiction

Inspiration comes from lots of sources. For example, I wrote a poem recently, which I'll share on Thursday, that came from observing a child's expression as she walked to school. More of that later. However, I was listening to the local weatherman on the news when he used the term 'noctilucent' in relation to clouds, a term I've never heard before. Read on.

Noctilucent cloud over Scarborough
Noctilucent clouds above Scarborough

This cloud formation is apparently produced when the sun shines on ice crystals 50 miles above the Earth's surface and usually occurs during the summer. A natural phenomenon that could well generate a number of stories or poems.


Summer clouds

Noctilucent clouds
Shining on summer's beaches
A chilling portent
© David L Atkinson July 2014

I love the way haiku allows an immediate response to a situation.

 Spring Steel Technology

A pop-up tent

The use of spring steel to produce everyday objects has given the opportunity for pop-up tents, mops and umbrellas to name a few applications. I'm sure Patrick Steele would love some pop-up equipment in his fight against injustice.

When we write we need to be aware of the location of our stories in the time and technology continuum and then to provide an environment in which the story may take place. Obviously, this is relevant in mirror image for historical novels and needs further enhancement for SF. 
Consider a virtual watch, digital carpets and pneumatic trousers in your future writing. The pneumatic pants are actually used for blood loss and pelvic fracture cases.

On VG today.

God Bless