Thursday, 24 July 2014

Writing - What writers love to hear

Imagine the conversation - 'I've read all six Steele novels! Can you hurry up writing the next.'
What a delightful comment for any writer but particularly for an indie published author.

The comment was from a relatively new acquaintance to whom I gave one of my business cards a few weeks back. I had bought 500 cards a while ago now but the return from them hasn't been great but there has been some and they will have paid for themselves. I actually bought them from Vistaprint and if you are in this business I would recommend you invest a few pounds on your own business cards. 
One of my writing buddies, Caleb Pirtle , blogs regularly and wrote one recently on getting your name out there. He stressed how important it was to have your name printed large on your book cover. Being very self-effacing I doubted the wisdom of that until I glanced at my own book shelves and the books I'd collected from other authors.

One of the things that Caleb had said was that on book covers you should see the name and somewhere there will be the title. This is a section of my shelves plus a Jim Butcher that I've just finished and it is clear that the author's name needs to be there for all to see. I have been guilty of having my name smaller than the title but no more! In this picture apart from Butcher, Frederick Forsyth (not huge print but in red), Dick Francis and Patricia Cornwell have all ensured that their names are emblazoned on the covered.
Thank you for that Caleb.

My current project is another Steele story, Earth Plc. My writing process does not depend on hefty planning - why spend time planning when you could be writing? However I do tend to 'live' my stories as I'm producing them. Not in reality but in my mind! As the characters have developed I have found that I could almost converse with them and that is a signal to me that they are well-formed and believable. So the story is a collection of 'real' experiences that unfold as I write and they take time. To the 'fan' who wants me to write more quickly - I'll get there eventually!

God Bless