Monday, 18 August 2014

Tuesday Recipe - Pitta pizzas and roast pork with roasted vegetables

This week I present a culinary kaleidoscope of easy, cheap but very tasty meals.

Cheese and tomato pitta pizza

This very easy and cheap pizza is great for a supper or snack and can be a source of entertainment if you have the children help and make their own. Half a dozen (6) pittas cost 85p and one is perfectly adequate particularly if served with salad. 

The most difficult part is the tomato sauce that you smear over the pitta bread before adding the topping. I used a can of tomatoes, an onion, finely chopped, a couple of cloves of garlic, a tablespoon of tomato paste and handful of basil.  
Fry off the onion in a tablespoon of oil and an ounce of butter. When soft add the minced garlic and fry for another couple of minutes. Season with salt and black pepper. Add the remaining  ingredients and simmer for about fifteen minutes then put through a blender. Allow to cool then use as required.

The pizza above has tomatoes, cheese and onion. The one below chilli beef and cheese.

Finally, the weekend meals were roast park with the trimmings and roasted vegetables.

Again nothing special but the meal included three of your five-a-day. The vegetables that I find roast well are potatoes, carrots, parsnip and haricots (only ten minutes). I enjoy garlic, salt, black pepper and paprika and so the oil and butter in which I cook the vegetables is liberally laced with those products. I cook the harder veg for around 30 minutes at 175 degree C in a fan oven, adding the haricot beans for the last ten minutes.
The shiny sauce you can see over the meat is the juices that the vegetables were roasted in plus a couple of teaspoons of gravy browning and a half pint of boiling water. I deglazed the roasting tin just by adding the water and gravy browning (granules or salt). The shiny finish is due to the butter and olive oil mix.

God Bless