Sunday, 3 August 2014

Writing - Reviews and Ordinary People

I think that most writers would be pleased if their work was serialised on TV but there is such a plethora of processes to go through before that happens - apparently!

I was complimented on 'Castled' by a friend who has bought all of my books. He has said once before that 'your stories would make great TV series'. Well he said it about 'Cessation'! That feels really good and I guess my indie friends would be equally pleased to receive such reviews. He mentioned my descriptions in particular and that he could place himself in the surroundings I'd described.
Of course there are lots of steps between writing a book and seeing it on TV but the fact that someone, other than the writer, can see work as intended is immensely gratifying.

When you undertake an artistic activity someone should stick a government health warning on your forehead so that you can read it every time you look in the mirror. 

'You could be talking to an audience of one'

Artistic endeavour is an intentionally individual exercise rather like humour. Writing stories that few people read is no joke hence blogs, tweets and so on. So even though links are to be found at the side of this page,

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It may seem pathetic to plead but like many writers/authors the more you work the better you get so if you've considered having a look at my work go on take the plunge and you may just be pleased that you did.


Ordinary People

A lull in the fighting but not in the screaming
Ordinary People given guns, bayonets, spades and told to fight other Ordinary People
It didn’t matter what nationality.

Rulers, politicians representing Ordinary People but responsibly?
Like loading the countries magazine with clips of Ordinary People.

The human body is frail and strong but never made for that level of punishment.
Blasted, sliced, pummelled, pierced and gassed was wrong.
Left to survive in torment.

What right have the ruling classes to use the bodies of Ordinary People
for the control of the masses.
The cannon fodder should have left their weapons and gone home.

How can dropping bombs and firing missiles solve the lack of understanding between cultures?
No one way is right or wrong it just fits,
the point is that all Ordinary People are different.

© David L Atkinson August 2014

God Bless