Sunday, 31 August 2014

Writing - Significant historical events 31st August

This day in history has had a number of significant royal events. When carrying out research using dates can be a useful starting point and may lead to atmosphere generating data.


Henry VI

Henry VI became King of England on this date in 1422 at the age of 9 months. He was actually King of England for almost 40 years. 


Henry VIII was excommunicated by Pope Paul II in 1535. Of course this was all over the love of a woman. He wanted to be granted a divorce from Catherine of Aragon so that he could wed Anne Boleyn. As it happened he married Anne in 1533 and had her executed three years later.

Bonnie Prince Charlie

On the run from the English army, Charles Edward Stuart arrived at Blair Castle, Scotland on this date in 1745. Eventually, he was rescued and took refuge in France. He was known as the Young Pretender and was a romantic figure who generated stories during his running away from the English. In one tale he became a 'Mr Sinclair', supposedly a shipwrecked merchant and in another story disguised himself as a woman 'Betty Burke'. In those days, without rapid communication it was amazing how these stories got around.

So for the Royals around the world avoid religion, women and war on 31st August.

God Bless